Donations to Talbot House

Residents of the Talbot House, Men’s Recovery House, are in need of some gently used fishing gear. Any fisherman knows, there is nothing like wetting a line to clear your mind. Their current gear is no longer usable. We are looking for gently used rods, reels, hooks, lures or other tackle, and hope some of our local fishermen step up to make a contribution”. If you are able to donate some gear, please contact Gord Osmond, or James Forsey “
So any gear you could spare is greatly appreciated. You can drop any gear off at my house or at the flea market at the old Schwartz building on Vulcan avenue Sydney. Thanks in advance.

We will be back at the  Market 0n April 8  2018

 Look forward to seeing you again

                   Fish Skull Deceivers

My first keeper 35 inches


​Pulley Rigs for Striped Bass available in
  • 3/0
  • 4/0
  • 5/0
  • 6/0
  • 8/0
Each rig is made with 50 lb flourocarbon and heavy duty componets. Each rig is $6.00 for single hook and $7.00 for two hooks.
River Weights available in
  • 2 oz       $1.00
  • 3 oz       $1.50
  • 4 oz       $2.00
  • 5 oz       $2.50
  • 6 oz       $3.00
Exceptional work by Gord MacDougall. Thanks
A recent article in the Cape Breton Star by Sherry Mulley MacDonald

Mackerel  Lures for Striped Bass

7" Deep diving Pearl & Orange Mackerel
7" Shallow diving Purple Mackerel
7" Shallow diving Chartreuse Mackerel
7" Deep diving Aqua Mackerel
7" Deep diving Chartreuse Mackerel
Nemo and siblings

A school of Nemo's

So please check back  as I am updating on a regular basis.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Some jointed rainbow ready for epoxy.

After a long winter it will great to see you guys again. Looking forward to hear your stories.

 Annual Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Show put on by Sydney Mines Volunteer Fire Department.

The show is a 2 day event held this year at  Sydney Mines community center, on the 5th and 6th May 2018. Show times: Saturday 10am -6pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Ice Fishing

An evening ice fishing

Coming Soon

Fish Sticks is what I call my home made lures

Is stripped bass the new salmon?

With the decline of the Atlantic Salmon and the increase in numbers of the stripped bass locally you start to think, is this the way of the future? I think so.

With the increase of stripped bass in the Bras D'or Lakes over the past few years I thought I'd investigate. While doing some research I stumbled on a site - Stripers on line -  which had a lot of great material. One thing  I did notice was the amount of bass that are caught on lures which got me to thinking. Maybe I could do that. I love wood working and airbrushing so I gave it a try. Below is a small sample of the lures that I've made.  I am trying to match the lures to the baitfish that are found locally as well as tried and proven winners that catch fish. Getting right in to this I even started making some trout lures. I'll post most when I get a chance.

A squid blending to it's surroundings
Jointed eel ready for a swim
a smelt
A fall morning in Middle River

Endangered Atlantic Salmon Are Facing A New And Potentially Devastating Threat

Click here to read full story
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An informative page of articles,how to's, facts and myth's about fly fishing. Any ideas or suggestions, drop us a line and we'll do what we can to make a post.

Cape Breton native Don MacLean is a fisheries biologist and a resident of Pictou. He writes on sport fishing for a variety of publications. His column, Tight Lines, appears weekly in the Cape Breton Post and is an informitive, educational and entertaining read. Click here to view his columns.

Practice CPR.

Catch, photograph and release.Photographing your day out can create memories that would last a lifetime. Creating a visual diary of a special day with friends, family or even by yourself. Who knows, it may be the day you finally hook that huge elusive fish that you've been chasing for a lifetime. With the advancements of the digital camera anyone can take beautiful pictures that could become a breathtaking piece of art that you could hang on your wall. Most cell phones have really nice cameras built right in and almost everyone carries one with them. A series of articles by Martin Joergensen gives pointers and easy how to's to take take incredable photo's. So take a look and hopefully it will help clear a few things up for you.


Free River Maps of Cape Breton

Baddeck river
Baddeck River.jpg
JPG image [143.0 KB]
Barachois River & Indian Brook
Barachois River and Indian Brook.jpg
JPG image [103.2 KB]
Cheticamp River
Cheticamp River.jpg
JPG image [103.8 KB]
Clyburn Brook
Clyburn Brook.jpg
JPG image [80.9 KB]
Grand River
Grand River.jpg
JPG image [111.0 KB]
Margaree River
Margaree River.jpg
JPG image [170.8 KB]
Middle River
Middle River.jpg
JPG image [131.9 KB]
North Aspy
North Aspy.jpg
JPG image [68.4 KB]
North River
North River.jpg
JPG image [102.2 KB]


Planning on a fishing trip,check out the projected tides for Cape Breton

Tides.Info: Tide Predictions for Johnstown, Nova Scotia

Water levels

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