Growing up in Cape Breton gave me the opportunity to fish in some of the most pristene waters in the world. My father put a fishing rod in my hand as soon as I could hold one. He being a fly fisherman himself taught me and my younger Brother the art of fly fishing at a very early age. Fly tying was soon to follow and at the age of about eleven I started tying. As a youngster I had the pleasure of spending many hours on the Margaree, Baddeck,North and Middle Rivers. These are some of the prime rivers on the east coast for large Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon. I remember spending countless hours trying to coax a salmon to take my fly to no avail. This made me a better fly fisherman and fly tyer.


I recently retired from the Air Force after almost 22 years of service and again reside in Cape Breton. Unfortunately I don't spend as much time fishing as I would like due to chronic back pain. After several back surguries I am unable to stand and travel the rivers like I use to. But this enables me to enjoy my other passion, Fly tying. I get great pleasure hearing about fish being caught on a fly I tied so I basically live the experience vicariously through them.


We have been in existence for about a year now and have plans to grow as time goes on. I am currently sourcing different products and hope to offer them in the future. So if there's anything you would like us provide, let us know and we'll try to source the product and bring it to you as soon as possible.


So, I hope to see you on the water some time and enjoy hearing from you about your fishing experiences. Tight lines and good luck.





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